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Dr. John Adams was just marvelous in an emergent situation. We were going to from out of town. We were seen immediately and he confidently diagnosed my eye. Highly recommend. No ranking/under appeal/rating suspended - there are some services which we can not rate, while some might be under appeal from the supplier. Suspended ratings are being researched by us and will be published soon.

THE REASON: Nasal congestion widens encircling veins; related infection can lead to dark pigment deposits. Stress and poor diet can weaken arteries, which may break, developing a bruise-like undertone. Tiredness strains eyelid muscles, engorging blood vessels, and can produce a wan appearance, making circles appear darker in comparison. For some, dark circles are hereditary.

The white part of the eyeball is called the sclera (say: SKLAIR-uh). The sclera is made of a tough materials and gets the important job of covering most of the eyeball. Think of the sclera as your eyeball's exterior layer. Look very tightly at the white of the attention, and you'll see lines that look like tiny green threads. These are blood vessels, the tiny pipes that deliver bloodstream, to the sclera.

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